Meeting Schedule
Our club has speakers from the local area and beyond to share information, organizations, happenings, and events.  Newcomers and visitors are welcome.

Date Type Title
02/27/2018 Meeting
03/04/2018 Event

The New York District Kiwanis Foundation and Kamp Kiwanis will be celebrating their 50th Anniversary with a Gala on Sunday, March 4, 2018. At this time, we will be recognizing the hard work and dedication...

03/06/2018 Committee

Monthly Board Meeting

03/06/2018 Meeting

Regular Meeting Following Board

03/15/2018 Event

St. Pats & St Joes plus NYPD Day

03/16/2018 Event

Pietro's Fight

03/20/2018 Meeting

Regular weekly Meeting

03/29/2018 Event

Great Music and Lots of food

04/03/2018 Committee

Monthly Board Meeting

04/03/2018 Meeting

Regular Meeting Following Board

04/10/2018 Meeting
04/11/2018 Event

04/17/2018 Meeting
04/21/2018 Event

JDRF Fund Raiser

04/25/2018 Event

Lots of Fun and Laughs